Hoodoo to Get Your Love

February 12, 2018 Musings 2 Comments

When I was in my twenties, all my co-workers went to a grandmotherly European woman in the billing department to have their palms read. Somewhat superstitious, the idea made me nervous, so I put it off. But peer pressure and curiosity won and I eventually placed my hand in hers. She studied my palm, and said,

“You have a broken love line. You see here?”

She traced the line with her fingertip,

“It’s broken in two places.”

She gave me a full reading yet I remember nothing else. How could I? A broken love line was a curse.

But I’m not alone. There are many of us card carrying members of the broken love line club. In my fictional work-in-progress, I wrote of this group:

Unrequited love, long courtships ending badly, unfaithful marriage beds, or sweet marriages that had soured, scalding hot couplings that cooled and froze, scandalous affairs resulting in broken hearts where much was ventured, and all was lost; they had experienced it all.

Perhaps because I live and write in Savannah, where Hoodoo root work is practiced, I found myself researching the topic and my fictional characters are drawn to low country conjuring.

It’s that time of year and if you find yourself distracted by images of candlelit dinners, chocolates and roses, don’t fret. There’s a hoodoo spell for what ails you. My Valentine to you is Dr. Michael White’s I’m Gonna Hoodoo to Get Your Love.